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We’re based in Milwaukee

WAGET’s home is Milwaukee, although its roots are in Madison.  Through its base at 1125 at Pabst and with Blue Ribbon Management it purses the vision of Milwaukee being a “showroom, classroom and meeting point” for persons – especially young persons -- of different cultures from different regions of Wisconsin, the Midwest, and the World. 

Milwaukee Skyline

The Deer District

WAGET’s home is just “up the hill” from the Deer District.  The district is historically important to Milwaukee as a meeting place.  Once called Haymarket Square (where the horses got fed and watered), the space now is envisioned as an all-city, multi-cultural gathering and entertainment place. The Deer District's basketball foundation inspired WAGET’s Bridge and Build: Sports with a Bigger Purpose ™ project.  

The Brewery

With our home in the Brewery District, WAGET honors the memory of Joseph J. Zilber, whose vision for historic preservation and sustainability is felt throughout the District. We are inspired by Mr. Zilber’s commitment to the well-being of individuals, families, and neighborhoods in Milwaukee.  Indeed, in 2018 our Bridge and Build: Sports with a Bigger Purpose ™ initiative was piloted at the UW-Milwaukee’s Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health in the District to test using sports as a hook to promote learning for success in the workforce, community, and life.   

Eleven25 SW Exterior.JPG


The Dairy State

WAGET has its roots in the State Capital of Madison and in University of Wisconsin – Madison.  It embraces The Wisconsin Idea that holds that the boundaries of the state are the boundaries of the university.  WAGET has adjusted that to the Wisconsin Ideal that taps ideas, ideals, knowledge, and “Midwest Nice” from everyone to create social and economic value for all.  An event and youth project partner is the Wisconsin Institute of Public Policy and Service in Wausau. WAGET has a special relationship with the City of Kenosha.


America's Heartland

WAGET believes in the Heartland.  Its programs have reached into Iowa and Illinois as well as rural Wisconsin.  It also believes in the future of the Midwest – the Silicon Heartland, which can bring good jobs and opportunities to youths who would prefer to stay here but are forced to leave. 

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